Recover Day 1


Equipment needed:

  • – Pilates ball or towel.

Complete 10 repetitions and 1-3 sets of each exercise.

  • 1. 90-90 Breathing
  • 2. Pelvic Tilts
  • 3. Heel Slides
  • 4. Glute Bridge with Ball Squeeze
  • 5. Dead Bug with Legs Fully Extended
  • 6. Supermans

1. 90-90 Breathing

This exercise will help you connect with your deeper abdominal corset, the transverse abdominals.

  • – Lie on your back with the feet on a wall, so the knees are bent to 90 degrees and the hips are bent to 90 degrees.
  • – Neck and spine should be “neutral” and comfortable.
  • – Place one hand on the upper chest and one hand on the lower abdomen.
  • – Inhale through the nose slowly for a count of 3 or 4
  • – Exhale through the mouth slowly but with force for a count of 6 or 8
  • – Focus on “360′ breathing”, fill your lungs so that the air pushes through your back and the sides of your ribs are expanding with each inhalation.
  • – You will feel your transverse abdominals engage as you exhale.

2. Pelvic Tilts

This exercise targets the transverse abdominals as well as the multifidus.

  • – Lie on your back with the knees bent and the soles of the feet on the floor.
  • – This is your neutral position, with the natural curve of the lumbar spine causing.
  • – The low back to be slightly elevated from the floor.
  • – On an exhale, gently tuck your tailbone. You will feel your low back press into the floor.
  • – While doing so pull your bellybutton towards the spine and pull together the muscles of your waist line

3. Heel Slides

This exercise will help strengthen your lower abdominals as well as coordinate your pelvic floor with leg movement.

  • – Lie on your back with bent knees.
  • – Place sliders or a small tower under your feet.
  • – Tuck your tailbone under so that your lower back is touching the floor.
  • – Engage your core and lift your pelvic floor upwards.
  • – Slide one foot out while keeping contact with the floor at all times.
  • – Slide your foot back to the start.
  • – Alternate sides

4. Glute Bridge with Ball Squeeze

This exercise mainly targets the gluteus maximus but the hamstrings and the transverse abdominis also get on board to assist. By adding the ball between the knees we can activate the inner thighs and the muscles of the pelvis.

  • – Lie on your back, with your knees bent and feet flat on the ground. Keep your arms at your side with your palms down.
  • – Place a ball between your knees.
  • – Lift your hips off the ground until your knees, hips and shoulders form a straight line.
  • – Contract your glutes and hold for a few seconds before returning to start.

5. Dead Bug with Legs Fully Extended

This exercises activates the deep core muscles. You will work the transverse abdominis, erector spinae, rectus abdominis, obliques and the pelvic floor.

  • – Lie on your back with your arms and your legs straight up towards the ceiling.
  • – Lower opposite arm and leg toward the floor slowly and with control.
  • -Return to center and then repeat on the other side.

6. Supermans

This exercise targets the posterior chain and will help with optimizing posture.

  • – Lie on your stomach.
  • – Keep your neck neutral (face down)
  • – Arms 90 degrees at your sides.
  • – Press your hips into the floor and raise your chest, arms and legs off the floor.
  • – Hold for 2 seconds and lower.